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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How can you help to simplify our process?
A1. We visit your site. Study your problem. Indentify the possibility of automation. Providing the microcontroller based system that will carryout process accurately and in simplified way.

Q2. How do you estimate charges for a project?
A2. We assess the new topics to be studied. Duration of study and circuit design. Efforts to be applied for software development and workout the amount.

Q3. Can you provide assembled circuit modules after the development?
A3. Our area of activity is Research & Development. We design circuits, develop software, program microcontrollers, testing the circuits with microcontroller. Our activities end here.

Q4. How can we get our technical staff trained?
A4. We get detailed requirements of the topics to be covered. Then screening is done among the prospective trainees and suggests the personnel suitable for the desired training. We have sufficient infrastructure for imparting training in "microcontroller/FPGA/PLC based system development". It is possible at your site also.

Q5. I am a software hand and don’t know anything about electronics & microcontrollers. Can I be trained in microcontroller programming?
A5. Certainly yes. For example, we have trained professionals having basic qualification as BCA, MCA.

Q6. Do you extend support for engineering students in their project developments?
A6. Yes, we do.

Q7. Do you provide dormitory for outsider trainees?
A7. We don't have this facility, but help them find appropriate boarding facility.